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If you've forgotten your username or the email address you registered with Snapchat you can find them both from inside the app. Another 30 days after that, your Snapchat account is deleted forever, which means your details vanish for good.

A lot of Snapchat’s popularity comes from the disposable nature of the service. If you've had enough of this impermanence and want to switch to something a little more lasting, deleting and deactivating your Snapchat account isn't difficult to do.

Ways to Delete Snapchat

Snapchat will send you an email when your account has been reactivated. Snapchat can be an addictive app. Snapchat is a great way to give your friends fun and quick updates about what you're doing. As with all social media sites, sometimes people want a break from Snapchat.

Are you ready to let your Snapchat account go? How to delete snapchat ?If you're having an issue on Snapchat, we might be able to help. Snapchat can be really fun for sending quick snaps to your friends or looking at specialty content. Once you've done this, your Snapchat account will be deactivated.

How to Delete My Snapchat

This has proved too much for some users, who want to delete the app because of the new feature. If you regret your decision to delete Snapchat within 30 days, all you have to do is log back in as normal and your account will be reactivated.

You can bring your Snapchat account back from digital death at any point over the 30-day window by logging back into the app. Say someone scanned the leaked Snapchat database and obtained your Snapchat username along with a phone number tied to your account.

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